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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

Despite promising statements condemning violence from some universities in August, even before the start of the school year it became clear that there would be pressure on active students and teachers. The Belarusian Students' Association and the Student Initiative Group have prepared a review of the pressure on students. We supplement it with cases of fired teachers.

Over the past 11 weeks of the school year, the Belarusian Students' Association and the Student Initiative Group have collected evidence of 359 detained students.

In some cases, the outcome of the detention is unknown, but at least 87 people received administrative penalties in the form of short-term arrest, and at least 54 people in the form of fines.

18 people became suspects in criminal cases investigation. On Thursday, November 12, Ksenia Syramalot, Yahor Kanetski, Gleb Finzer, Yana Arabeika, Kasya Budko, Maria Kalenik, Victoria Grankovskaya, Ilya Trakhtenberg, and Anastasia Bulybenko were detained. Alana Gebremaryam, a member of the BSA Board, was also detained. Cases have been filed since September on 9 other students, among them the public cases of Akihira Gaevsky-Ganada, Marfa Rabkova and Anastasia Dudina.

The most egregious case of short-term detention was the case of Zmitser Mazura, a BSUIR student who was abducted near the university and sentenced to 23 days of arrest, and then another 15. In total, Zmitser spent 38 days in prison.

The average term of arrest is 12 days, and fines - 16.5 b.v. (446 BYN, about 170 USD). For comparison, the minimum scholarship in a number of universities is 77.08 BYN (about 30 USD).

Administrative pressure was not the main goal of the analysis, but at least 251 such cases were reported, 138 of which resulted in expulsions.

Pressure on teachers

Name Pressure from MIA Pressure from HEI
Sviatlana Volchak, coordinator of the strike committee of the Belarusian State University, lecturer at the Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies, BSU (Minsk) 15 days of administrative arrest Contract wasn't prolonged
Maksim Shundalau - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Optics, BSU (Minsk) 20 b.v. of fine (540 BYN, about 210 USD)  
Andrey Viaryha - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Architecture and Head of the Department of Design and Brand Management, PSU (Navapolatsk) 20 b.v. of fine, re-detained for an administrative case  
Natallia Suslava - Associate Professor of Russian and World Literature, GSU of F. Skaryna (Gomel) 8 days of administrative arrest  
Vadzim Antsipau - teacher of philosophy, BSUIR (Minsk) 15 days of administrative arrest  
Yanka Tratsiak - Associate Professor of Grodno State University. J. Kupala (Hrodna)   Is forced to resign
Paval Barkouski - Associate Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences Faculty, BSU (Minsk)   Is forced to resign
Zoja Belakhvostsik - People's Artist of Belarus, Lecturer at the Academy of Arts (Minsk)   Fired
Hanna Davidovich - Associate Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences Faculty, BSU (Minsk)   Is forced to resign
Yulia Matusevich - Lecturer at the Laboratory of Practical Training, BSMU (Minsk)   Is forced to resign
Artsiom Ziatsikau - Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, BSMU (Minsk)   Is forced to resign
Mikalai Strakha - Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography and Methods of Teaching Geography, BSPU (Minsk)   Fired
Vadzim Bialjavets - Associate Professor of the Faculty of History, BSU (Minsk) Was arrested, taken to police station, released without protocol  
Aliaksey Smalianchuk - professor of Warsaw University 10 b.v. of fine (270 BYN, 100 USD)  
Volha Shparaha - head of "Modern society, etics and politics" concentration, Liberal Arts College ECLAB 15 days of arrest, one more protocol. She left the country.  
Alyaksandr Tsylindz - surgeon of Grodno University Clinic, GrSMU (Hrodna) Is waiting for the trial  
Zmitser Matuiza - Senior Lecturer, Department of Management of Social and Cultural Activities, BSUCA (Minsk)   Contract wasn't prolonged
Mikhail Mishkevich - Dean of the Faculty of International Business Communications, BSEU (Minsk)   Fired
Maryna Lukashevich - Dean of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks, BSUIR (Minsk)   Is forced to resign
Valery Prytkou - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, BSUIR (Minsk)   Is deprived of position
Julia Safronova - MSLU (Minsk)   Fired
Anna Ablava - MSLU (Minsk)   Fired
Ksenia Katkova - MSLU (Minsk)   Fired
Natalia Dulina - Associate Professor of the Italian Language Department, MSLU (Minsk) 14 days of arrest Fired
Maya Gavruchenkova - Lecturer, Department of Humanities, BSUIR (Minsk)   Fired
Alena Lukashanets - Professor of the Department of General Linguistics, MSLU (Minsk)   Resign in solidarity
Yuliya Belabrudova - Lecturer, Department of Translation Theory and Practice, MSLU (Minsk)   Is forced to resign
Siarhei Morozau - Associate Professor of Journalism, Kupala State University of Grodno (Hrodna)   Resign in solidarity
Fiodar Kandyranda - Lecturer of the General Military Faculty, Military Academy (Minsk)   Fired
Tatiana Sinitsa - Associate Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, BSU (Minsk) 30 b.v. of fine (810 BYN, about 310 USD)  
Mikhail Kudeiko - Associate Professor of Management and Educational Technologies, Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining BSPU (Minsk) Trial result unknown  
Dzyanis Tushinski - lecturer at the Faculty of International Relations, BSU (Minsk) 15 days of arrest  
Olga Filatchenkova - Lecturer, Department of Information Technology Software, BSUIR (Minsk) Detained as part of a criminal case under Art. 342, the house was searched  
Uladizmir Lukyanenka - Dean of the Faculty of Automated and Information Systems, BSUIR (Minsk)   Is deprived of position
Yahor Prystauka - Associate Professor, Department of Classical Philology, Faculty of Philology, BSU (Minsk)   Contract wasn't prolonged
Vasil Peravozchykau - Senior Lecturer, Department of Information and Computer Systems Design, BSUIR (Minsk)   Fired

In addition, 8 rectors of universities and academies were fired.

Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee condemns any kind of pressure on the academic community and calls for the immediate observance of academic freedoms and human rights.